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Holiday Homes

Ownership at Kloofs

Kloofs offers a unique Static Holiday Caravan Park. All caravans are privately owned and the Static Park is set on a gentle hillside, with panoramic views over the Pevensey Levels, towards the South Downs and Beachy Head where the sunsets can be fantastic.

The Static Park

The Static Park is covered with many mature oaks and some silver birch trees. The squirrels hop from tree to tree, whilst the fox and badgers shelter under them. The latest count of birds seen on-the- ground at Kloofs is over 100, not including the seagulls. Although only one mile as the crow flies from the sea, the gulls circle in the area but have not been seen landing. This also goes for the small flocks of swift feeding over the near fields.

The Park is surrounded by dense woodland and fields. The large open field is home to a rare breed of sheep some months, and very large bulls during other months, with supporting cattle, aged from a week old. The field at the bottom of the Static Park has a combined use for dog exercising and recreational activities.

Owning a Static Caravan at Kloofs

The Park is open 46 weeks per year, however the Static Park is not residential and does not allow letting or sub-letting. All caravans are privately owned and used for short holiday stays (up to a maximum of 4 weeks at a time), weekends or a week or so at a time.

Our boast is no attractions other than rural tranquillity.

If you are interested in having a static caravan at Kloofs, please click below to see our Static Caravans currently for sale.

Static Caravans and Bases

The individual static caravan bases are set either on the open side of the Static Park, enjoying the views over the fields, or set within the lightly wooded side of the Static Park.

All bases are individually designed and laid out, providing a range of options. Whilst each base has its own patio area, all but a couple have their own parking bay. Some bases have a small lawn, some have flower beds and there is a mixture of sunny or shady bases – something to suit everyone!

The majority of bases are sized to take 28′ x 10′ Static Holiday Caravans, although there are several that can accommodate the longer 32′ x 10′ vans. Unfortunately due to the narrow lanes, it is not possible to bring any wider units on to the Park. All non-modified caravans have two bedrooms – one double and one twin, with a third bed area in the lounge in the form of a pull-out bed, making a sleeping capacity of 6.


On the Park, there are only the essential facilities for enjoying a holiday. There is no clubhouse or swimming pool, and our main boast is the tranquillity on offer and the natural vibrant location. There is a centrally heated, 5* toilet block with under floor heating in the winter that is available for use by all Park clients which provides a level of luxury that even the most modern caravans will struggle to compete with

Agreements & Fees

Depending on the age and condition of the caravan, agreements are offered on an annual or multi-year basis. Once an agreement expires, a replacement agreement can be signed depending on the condition of the caravan. There is no restriction on the age of the caravan. The Pitch Fee for 2024/25 is £3,300 and includes the use of the base for the year, water and sewerage. In addition to the Pitch Fee electricity is metered and charged accordingly, and gas is supplied through cylinders and therefore purchased as required. The only other item to consider is the insurance of the caravan. It is a condition of all agreements that the caravan is adequately insured.