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Caravan Storage
Year-Round Storage

Having purchased your caravan, it is important to be able to leave it in a secure, easily accessible location in between uses. We provide a storage environment and service to do just that.

Our caravans are stored in a secure compound, only accessible by Kloofs staff. Whilst the compound is discreet, it is situated in the middle of the park where all movements can be easily seen and monitored. The compound is surrounded by natural boundaries, fencing and building whilst the two access points are locked and secured. After each caravan movement all locks and alarms are put back on to provide added security.

Safe & Secure

Whenever you need access to your van, we request a minimum of 72 hours’ notice so that we can safely move your van avoiding inclement weather conditions and working within the staff rosters.

From time to time there may be occasions when you won’t be able to give this notice and we will of course endeavour to work to your timescales.

Kloofs will position your van either on pitch or in the arrival/departure bays for you to collect. When you have finished your touring, our staff will either put it back in the compound from your pitch or from where you dropped it off in the arrival bays. As a little incentive, any storers wishing to stay on our site will only be charged for the pitch and two adults, no children or extras.


To store your caravan at Kloofs all we need is a copy of your insurance (all vans must be insured to be stored at Kloofs) and to complete a Licence Agreement with basic information such as name, contact details and caravan details. Our agreements are 12 months long (unless agreed otherwise) and run from 1st March to the end of February. Anyone starting their storage part way through a year will simply have a shortened agreement to align them to the annual cycle.

Our price for a standard caravan is £744 or can be paid at £62 per month through standing order (totalling £744 for the year).

The price for a Twin Axle, Motorhome or large Single Axle van is £816 per year or £68 per month through a standing order (totalling £816 for the year).